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Review: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

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When I think back to the first makeup item I truly fell in love with, it has to be the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. So as a disclaimer, this isn’t really a review but more of a must-have product in any beauty kit.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are mainly meant to be used as a bronzer/highlighter on top of blush.  However, I find that they can be used directly as a blush and even as an eyeshadow palette.

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Miss Piggy for MAC

I’m a huge Muppets fan, especially Miss Piggy. And some of my friends might even say that I tend to get as dramatic and needy as Miss Piggy does.  So of course I was excited to find out there was a Muppets movie out this Thanksgiving:

And now, MAC Cosmetics have announced a special Miss Piggy collaboration! This collection will only be sold online and will consist of the main items you need to get Miss Piggy’s dramatic eyes: blue-pink eyeshadow, liquid liner and mascara. What’s more, there is even a Muppets-themed OPI collection!

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! And even though this collection might not be available in Dubai, I’ll definitely be placing my online order. Anything for Miss Piggy!

(And I just realized what I should be this Halloween…)

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How much makeup do you wear?

For the past few months, I’ve considerably cut down on how much makeup I wear. Mostly because it saves time in the morning and I don’t need to go through a rigorous cleansing ritual at the end of the night.

Recently, a study by Procter & Gamble, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and others did a comparison study on women wearing no makeup or one of three different cosmetic looks — natural, professional or glamorous.

Studies showed that upon a quick glance, the faces with makeup were perceived to be more attractive. However, when examining the photos for longer periods, the glamorous makeup wearers were thought to be less trustworthy. [ABC News]

So what do you think? Does the amount of makeup a person wears affect your perception of them? What is the appropriate amount of makeup to wear?

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Freida Pinto Bleached by L’Oreal?

L’Oréal Paris just introduced its newest limited edition makeup collection “Colors Take Flight” based on the hit TV series, Project Runway.  The campaign features a number of L’Oréal Paris’ ambassadors but special attention has been given to Freida Pinto’s adverts.

Controversy has erupted over L’Oréal Paris’ excessive use of photoshop to lighten Freida’s skin tone by several shades.  The ad is especially controversial since it comes soon after Julia Roberts’ Lancôme ad was banned in the UK due to over-photoshopping her wrinkles.

A side-by-side comparison does make it seem like Freida is looking unnaturally fair in this campaign. It’s also interesting to note that her colorful green, pink and purple eyeshadow look wouldn’t have popped on a darker skintone.

So what do you think? Should L’Oréal be vilified for the excessive photoshopping or is it just a mountain out of a molehill? Discuss!

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Tuesday Tip – Makeup Organization

This is our weekly section, Tuesday Tip. No matter where you work, Tuesdays tend to be the dullest day of the week. So to combat the general “meh”-ness, we bring to you a quick tip to perk up your day!

Also, if you do happen to try out our Tuesday Tip, send us a photo and we’ll feature you in our column!


Tuesday Tip – Issue 13 – Makeup Organization

I caught this video from Huda Beauty and couldn’t resist sharing.

I’m usually pretty organized but I did find the tips quite helpful:

  1. Toss expired products. Shelf-life for products are:
    Powders = 2 years, Liquid = 1 years, Eyeliner, Mascara = 3-6 months
  2. Throw away unused products.  My personal rule for this if you haven’t used it in a year, toss it!
  3. For every new product, toss an old.
  4. Store daily and special wear products in separate bins.

My personal preference for makeup storage are those clear mini drawers. Perfect for indulging my OCD!


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Reader Request: Smokey Eye

One of our readers has been asking on some tips on how to pull off a smokey eye for those special occassions that you need a more dramatic look.

There are a lot of ways to do a smokey eye and a Google/YouTube search will reveal a lot of detailed tutorials.  I don’t consider myself a makeup application expert but I think anyone can pull off a smokey eye provided they have the right products/tools and practice!

The first reference I ever used for a smokey eye was done by one of the best beauty bloggers out there, Christine from Temptalia. I started with her Black Smokey Eye tutorial.

Key points to note:

  • Start with a creamy base. Christine uses MAC Fluidline (Gel Liner) in Blacktrack, but I decided to use a MAC Paintpot in Blackground.
  • Find a neutral eyeshadow. This will be your savior to blend the dark eyeshadow and make a true smokey look. Check your eyeshadow stash before buying anything new.
  • Invest in brushes. Doing complex eyeshadow looks require a couple of brushes. They might seem expensive, but if you take care of them, they will last forever.
  • Play with color. You don’t need to just to go for the matte black. Try purple or blue if you’d like. I prefer a gray/black smokey eye so I stick with MAC Black-tied for my looks.
  • Keep everything else neutral. Since you’ll be packing in a lot of drama on the lids, keep the rest of your face simple. Choose your blush and lipstick as “you but better.”
Hopefully this gives you guys somewhere to start from but just remember, practice makes perfect!
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Tarte for True Blood

Tarte for True Blood

I’m a big fan of vampire-themed shows.  While my personal favorite is The Vampire Diaries, the show that resurrected the vampire genre on US television has to be True Blood.  The racy and raunchy TV show has a lot of fans out there and it isn’t surprising that the beauty industry found a unique way to promote the premiere of Season 4, set to debut June 26, 2011.

Tarte Cosmetics and Sephora are collaborating to produce three special, True Blood-themed beauty products: a cheek stain, lip stain and a palette.  Tarte lip and cheek stains are highly-rated and I’m expecting these limited edition products to be a hit and sold-out in record time.

So far no word on if this collection will be available in Dubai and it seems highly unlikely since Tarte products are generally not available here.  But if you happen to be in a Sephora in the US soon, check out the new collection.  And we at Dollz in Dubai wouldn’t say no to special gifts of the Tarte for True Blood Lip and Cheek stains!

Source: Bella Sugar


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