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Miss Piggy for MAC

I’m a huge Muppets fan, especially Miss Piggy. And some of my friends might even say that I tend to get as dramatic and needy as Miss Piggy does.  So of course I was excited to find out there was a Muppets movie out this Thanksgiving:

And now, MAC Cosmetics have announced a special Miss Piggy collaboration! This collection will only be sold online and will consist of the main items you need to get Miss Piggy’s dramatic eyes: blue-pink eyeshadow, liquid liner and mascara. What’s more, there is even a Muppets-themed OPI collection!

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! And even though this collection might not be available in Dubai, I’ll definitely be placing my online order. Anything for Miss Piggy!

(And I just realized what I should be this Halloween…)

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Reader Request: Smokey Eye

One of our readers has been asking on some tips on how to pull off a smokey eye for those special occassions that you need a more dramatic look.

There are a lot of ways to do a smokey eye and a Google/YouTube search will reveal a lot of detailed tutorials.  I don’t consider myself a makeup application expert but I think anyone can pull off a smokey eye provided they have the right products/tools and practice!

The first reference I ever used for a smokey eye was done by one of the best beauty bloggers out there, Christine from Temptalia. I started with her Black Smokey Eye tutorial.

Key points to note:

  • Start with a creamy base. Christine uses MAC Fluidline (Gel Liner) in Blacktrack, but I decided to use a MAC Paintpot in Blackground.
  • Find a neutral eyeshadow. This will be your savior to blend the dark eyeshadow and make a true smokey look. Check your eyeshadow stash before buying anything new.
  • Invest in brushes. Doing complex eyeshadow looks require a couple of brushes. They might seem expensive, but if you take care of them, they will last forever.
  • Play with color. You don’t need to just to go for the matte black. Try purple or blue if you’d like. I prefer a gray/black smokey eye so I stick with MAC Black-tied for my looks.
  • Keep everything else neutral. Since you’ll be packing in a lot of drama on the lids, keep the rest of your face simple. Choose your blush and lipstick as “you but better.”
Hopefully this gives you guys somewhere to start from but just remember, practice makes perfect!
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Urban Decay in Dubai!

Urban Decay in Dubai!

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Sephora PR has provided us price lists for the UD products in Dubai. You can also read about the products launched in more detail here. Urban Decay products are exclusively available in Sephora Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall.


Last week I heard one of the most brilliant pieces of news for any beauty addict: Urban Decay is going be available in Dubai. I guess all that complaining to Sephora sales associates finally paid off! And thankfully, unlike most Dubai rumors, this was true and I paid Sephora Mall of Emirates a visit today to check out the collection myself.

If you are a new UD user, you MUST check out the following products:

  • 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are the best eye liners I have EVER used – yes, even better than Mac! Their staying power on the waterline is amazing, the color range is fantastic, and they are incredibly smooth to apply.  Start your collection with Zero and Bourbon and you shall be back for more.
  • Primer Potion (UDPP) is the holy-grail of eyeshadow primers. I love the champagne-colored “Sin” which works great on it’s own for a natural look.  Unfortunately, the UDPP available here is in the older, more-wasteful packaging, but it’s still a great product.
  • UD eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and smooth. I noticed the “Fun” palette was stocked and it’s definitely a good set.
  • I’ve heard good things about the 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils, 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils and After Glow Cheek Tints but will require a rigorous review to comment further.

For the UD aficionados, a couple of things to note about the Dubai store:

  • Not all the testers have been opened up so check the full stash to see if there are colors missing.
  • The lustworthy Naked Palette is not in stock yet. It might be coming in the next shipment but no guarantees.
  • Don’t bother buying the Tinted Moisturizer since they are still stocking the old formula in Dubai.

I ended up getting 2 additional 24/7 liners in Lust (purple) and Deviant (blue) to add to my older collection of Oil Slick (black glitter), Flipside (aqua), Bourbon (brown) and Dime (silver). I also decided to test out the 24/7 Glide On Eye Shadow in Lit (gold) and the Glitter Eyeliner in Glam Rock (silver). I’m already regretting not buying the Fun palette so I’ll probably head back to pick it up later this week.

So what are you waiting for? Rush to MOE/Dubai Mall for your UD fix and let me know what you bought!

P.S. There is a special launch event being held at Sephora, MOE on April 27th and 28th from 4-10 pm so don’t forget to check it out!

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Makeup Remover Face-off

As you can tell, I adore trying new makeup products. However, if you dabble in makeup, you soon discover taking it off is even more important. In my teenage years, I would often leave my makeup on and go to sleep. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that removing makeup is even more important than putting it on because without a good base to start it, no amount of camouflage will be useful.

That being said, it’s taken a good amount of time to find my holy grail of makeup removers: MAC Cleanse Off Oil. However, recently I got a tip that The Body Shop’s Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is a worthy challenger and a face-off had to follow.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil
As you can tell from the name, this is an oil-based remover. In the bottle, it is a lightweight unscented oil, but once combined with water, it turns into a creamy lotion that is extremely effective on waterproof makeup. It can get messy so the best way to use is to grab a makeup wipe (Dollz Tip: baby wipes are cheaper and better than makeup wipes) and squirt some oil on to the wipe. Press down on your eyes and then gently wipe off mascara, etc. You can also use the oil emulsion all over your face if you are a heavy foundation user.
Pros: Dissolves waterproof mascara; removes shimmer/glitter/glue best
Cons: Messy, especially while traveling; can cloud vision temporarily

Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Body Shop’s makeup remover looks like the usual drug store removers. I’ve used L’Oreal and other brands but never quite liked them since you always tend to have a bit of mascara goo leftover. They also tend to require a bit of tugging which is a straight path to wrinkles. However, the Body Shop formula seems to be very effective. I soak a cotton pad in the solution and held it on the eye. After a few moments, the makeup seemed to dissolve. You’ll still need a makeup wipe to get any face makeup off, but it works like a charm with eye makeup.
Pros: Easy-to-use; moisturizes the eye area
Cons: Hefty bottle; requires a significant amount of product for each use

Coming into the face off, I was very doubtful of the Body Shop remover but it was a pleasant hit with me. I’m definitely going to be adding it to my beauty arsenal. I prefer MAC’s thoroughness but the Body Shop product is perfect for quick corrections or traveling.

Is there another holy grail product I’m missing out on? Hit the comments!

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Product Alert: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Don’t stop make it pop,
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, I’mma fight
’Til we see the sunlight
Tik tock on the clock
But the party don’t stop, no

– Lyrics to Ke$ha’s song “Tik Tok”

You know I kind of respect Ke$ha. She sings about partying until the morning and still manages to look half decent in the morning.  Dubai’s lifestyle means that you could be out till 2 am and still have to make it to work at 7 am the next day trying to erase the signs of last night. In this case, I break out the big boys to make me look perky: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

This stuff is the mother of all concealers and I’ve experimented with a lot of them.  I’m paler than the average Indian girl and any lack of sleep shows very clearly with dark ditches forming under my eyes.

Body Shop and Benefit both make great multipurpose concealers that are easy to use and blend in over imperfections or redness. However, both of them can’t do much for dark eye circles where MAC trumps all.

That being said, MAC concealer isn’t easy to use.

1. The pump is extremely defective! Concealer is meant to be used in small amounts and one pump manages to dispense enough concealer to cover your entire face. Since it’s fairly pricey and in order to avoid wasting money and unnecessary product, ask for a sample container upon purchase. Dispense a pump or two into the container and use it over the span of the week. Just make sure you screw on the lid of the container tight after each use.

2. It has to be applied with a brush. Don’t try to use fingers for this otherwise it will become very obvious you have caked it onto your face. The best brush for this is the MAC 217. Just swipe a smidge of concealer, dot under the eyes and blend like your life depends on it! Seriously, nothing looks worse than obvious concealer. A useful trick is blending all the way into the inner corner to the outer corner.

That being said, once it’s on, it’s on! the concealer easily lasts for 12 hours without fading.  If you tend to have extra dry skin, take a lightweight eye cream and dab it on top of the concealer to make it look more natural. Make sure to have one of the MAC ladies swatch you with a couple of shades to get your perfect match.

And now armed with this weapon, don’t be afraid of partying like Ke$ha on a school night!

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Product Alert: MAC Fluidline

A couple of weeks ago, MAC’s latest collection by Mickey Contractor was released in Dubai.  I had seen some of the reviews of the collection online and decided to head over to the Marina Mall outlet to pick up some goodies for myself.  I splurged on one of the gel liners, a Fluidline called Siahi. (On a side note, the Mickey Contractor collection has named all it’s products with Hindi names, so Siahi means ink in Hindi.  Isn’t that cute?)

Gel eyeliners are a must-need staple in any women’s beauty arsenal.  They are highly-pigmented creamy eyeliners that can be used in lots of different ways.  Also, since they come in a jar, you avoid the hassle of sharpening and one little jar will last you a lifetime.  I first started using gel eyeliners from Bobbi Brown. I bought a set from the duty free cart in the airplane, which consisted of two pots (Black and Sepia) and a mini-brush.  I think the BB eyeliner is less prone to drying out but you can avoid this with MAC by either closing your pots very tightly or mixing in some Visine if it starts to dry up.  MAC has the benefit of having a wider color range; in addition to Siahi, I have pots in Macroviolet (purple) and Shade (dark green).  However I think my favorite shade is BB’s Sepia which looks good on everyone and is even great for blonds.

The most common use for gel liners would be lining the upper lash line.  You’ll need a nice stiff eyeliner brush to create a dramatic line of your preferable thickness.  Then use the left over product on the brush to lightly line your water line.  Whenever I need to look extra glam, I’ll use this method of application.

The next two methods are what I consider my personal secrets, but I’m willing to share!

Technakohl Method
For a normal evening out or day at the office, thick liner might be too dramatic and you might need something easier.  Using MAC’s Technkohl liner.  These are pencil eyeliners that you can twist up instead of sharpening.  I dip this into the pot of gel liner and use it to line my waterline/lower lash line  It gives me a nice dramatic eye without requiring too much product or skill (especially when I’m rushed for work).  The Technakohl also lets you “tightline” (i.e. line the area underneath your top lashes) without any tugging or sharpness.  You can also do this with a small brush like the one from Bobbi Brown.  The reason why I prefer Technakohl is you can get a nice mix of color.  This morning I used the Greyprint Technakohl with the Siahi Fluidline to get a teal blue with a shimmer of grey.  Also, since you are using one eyeliner to pick up the other, you avoid wasting any product on a brush.  Just make sure to wipe off your Technakohl after use. Independent of Fluidlines, I like Technakohls because you can easily carry them in your bag without worrying about them needing to be sharpened and as a bonus they come in a wide range of colors.  I like to think the Technakohl+Fluidline method gives you a more exotic look where the lower lash line is exaggerated. Just make sure you finish off the look with a generous swipe of mascara on the top lashes.

Eyeshadow Base
The third use of gel liners is as an eyeshadow.  It might seem weird considering how thick and pigmented these are but you must realize that most makeup is just the same formula thickened up or watered down.  I like using the gel liner as a base for a smokey eye.  You’ll need a good cream shadow/concealer brush for this.  Take a smidgen of the gel liner and blend it out well on the eyelid, stopping before the crease.  Now take a color in the same family shade and layer on top.  The gel liner will make sure your eyeshadow will stick for the rest of the night and will also give you more pigmentation if your eyeshadow is a little weak.

So far I’m loving Siahi.  The blue shade makes the whites in my eyes pop but it’s dark enough to wear to the office. It’s also especially great for the brown-eyed girls as it brings out the lighter colors in your iris.

I went to MAC today to check out the ChamPale and sadly they’ve already sold out my favorite product.  But the store manager has offered to give me a makeover! It should be happening sometime next week and expect a long and colorful entry!

So tell me:

1. Do you own any gel liners?
2. If so, which ones and what are your thoughts?
3. Are you now jonesing for a trip to Sephora/MAC? Sorry!

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