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We’ve Moved!

It seems like some of you still visit this blog. We appreciate all the readers but don’t forget to check out our new home at for all the latest posts and updates. Please make sure to change your bookmarks and resubscribe over there!

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Rosie, Ryan for Marks and Spencer

I must confess, I have a big crush on Rosie Huntington-Whitely, as you can tell by numerous posts dedicated to her fashion choices on Tumblr.  Her beauty and fashion style is so perfect that she deserves a special post very soon.

In the meanwhile, what happens when you bring a gorgeous woman and a handsome man together and dress them in well-tailored clothing? You probably can’t do better than Marks and Spencer’s latest campaign featuring Rosie and Ryan Reynolds.

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We recently brought you the workwear collection by Bebe and the Mad Men collection by Banana Republic, but no one does office wear as well as M&S.  The British retailer’s Autograph collection has a great selection of trousers, fitted shirts and blazers for all sizes. I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already.

Although, with models as beautiful as Rosie and Ryan, who’s looking at the clothes? And dare I say Ryan + Rosie >> Ryan + Scarlet

Marks and Spencer is located in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Wafi, Dubai Festival City, and Deira City Center. For contact info, visit the Middle East M&S website.

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Banana Republic & Mad Men Collection

Update: The Mad Men collection is available in Dubai and there are some lovely things for both the men and women!

Sometime back we wrote about the Tarte True Blood collection and now comes another collection based on a TV show.  This time it’s Banana Republic doing a Mad Men-themed collection.

While you may think that it would be difficult to carry off 60s-themed outfits on a daily basis, Banana Republic has done a good job of maintaining the era’s feel while keeping outfits trendy. The collection is also very work-friendly compared to the Bebe workwear collection.

So are you ready to channel your inner Betty and Don this fall?


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Simpsons in Designer Threads

Back in 2007 when the first Simpsons movie came out, Harper’s Bazaar did a very unique campaign to pay homage to TV’s first family.  They dressed up the Simpsons, along with supermodel Linda Evangelista, in the best designer threads and accessories out there.

These photos have been drifting around on various fashion blogs but in case you missed them, here they are again. Check out the cameos by Karl Lagerfield, Marc Jacobs, and Donatella Versace.  I think my favorites have to be Lisa’s pearl necklace being swapped for a Lanvin and Maggie being carried by Jean Paul Gaultier in an Hermes Birkin. I think you have to admit this is one of the most creative campaigns done even four years after first being published.

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Say no to bacne!

One of the pros of living in Dubai is you get to attend a lot of events with some really fashionable people. Women come dolled up to these events in gorgeous dresses, sky-high heels and perfect skin and hair.  But every so often you spot something which you wish you didn’t.  And yesterday I spotted the curse of bacne!

Acne can be a difficult thing to control and we generally neglect our back much more than our face.  There can be many reasons for bacne but the major causes are excessive friction (i.e. heavy handbags, tight clothing), dandruff, and residue from hair products.

If you seem to be breaking out a lot on your shoulders and back, try the following:

  • Ditch that gigantic shoulder bag. Seriously, do you really need to lug around all that stuff?
  • Post-workout session, make sure to take a quick shower and thoroughly dry your skin.  Change into something loose fitting and apply talcum powder as an extra precaution.
  • After your final rinse while washing your hair, cleanse your back with an acne-fighting cleanser or clarifying shampoo.  Conditioner residue is a big culprit for break-outs.
  • If you use a lot of hair styling products, make sure your hair doesn’t rub against your skin and try to rinse out the products before sleeping.

My holy grail product for fighting bacne is the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash in Pink Grapefruit.  You can buy the specialized body wash or even use their facial cleanser for your body.

Bacne is annoying for the person suffering from it but it is also an eyesore for those around you. If you do suffer from it, kindly do us a favor and stash those backless outfit until you get it under control.

P.S. Some of the worst public display of bacne offenders are men! So pick up a bottle of Body Clear and put on a sleeved-shirt at the gym!


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Music Monday – Beyonce and Heat Rush

Music Monday – Beyonce and Heat Rush

At Dollz in Dubai, we are always looking to the celebrity fashionistas for inspiration and what better celebrity than the one and only Beyonce. So let’s get rid of the Monday blues with the latest dance floor hit, Run the World (Girls).

So how do we channel some of Beyonce’s fierceness? I suggest going in with her favorite color and the color of the season, coral.  Add some coral to your cheeks with Benefit’s Coralista blush or to your lips in Revlon ColorBurst in Coral.

And if you need a little more Beyonce, why not head to Sephora and pick up a bottle of her latest perfume, Heat Rush.  Available in 100 mL (AED 240) and 50 mL (AED 175) at all Sephora outlets.

Disclaimer: This press release was sent to us by Sephora PR. The product hasn’t been tested/reviewed by us yet.

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Update from Dollz

Hello readers!

Wanted to thank all of you guys for visiting my blog and being so encouraging.  We have been on a brief hiatus because things are moving forward for Dollz in Dubai!

First up, we will be guest writing for, UAE’s youth portal.  They have some great contributors with a variety of topics so do check them out, and my first post can be found here.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting here but do check them out!

Second, we’ve made contact with a great agency who is giving us a chance to review some new products. More details will be out next week but expect a lot more pictures, videos, and experiments!

As always, keep providing us feedback so we can do better.

xo Dollz

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