01 Jul

I watched Transformers 3 last night and since I absolutely LOVE that franchise and the most-recent film, the next few blog posts will have their share of Transformers references. I apologize in advance.

The scene in Transformers 3 which should crack up all the female members of the audience is where National Intelligence Director Charlotte Mearing (a.k.a. “don’t call me maam”) yells at her assitant to remove a file from her “green ostrich Hermes Birkin”.

Photo courtesy: Style Frizz

Now the one mentioned here can set you back US$10,000-15,000. Quite outside of the reach for those not working with Michael Bay’s costume and accessories budget but it got me thinking, how much is too much for a handbag?

While I adore fawning over designer bags, I still haven’t been able to convince myself to buy one. I’d much rather spend that cash on a new Apple gadget or jewelry.  The highest profile name in my handbag collection is Coach and I’ll usually limit myself to one or two bags a year.  I like Coach for their large variety, soft leathers, and quality manufacturing.  Since I usually shop online/outlets, my bags are usually in the $250-300 range. Say that I carry my bag for 300 days for a single year, that comes out to less than one dollar per use. Quite economical I would say!

On the other hand, I once made an impulse purchase of a fake LV Alma for $200. In the year that I’ve had it, I’ve maybe used it 10 times? Not exactly a good use of money.

So it comes down to this for me, if I’m buying a bag for daily use, I think it’s good to splurge on something pricier. But if it’s something that will spend a lot of time in your closet, save your money and splurge on that iPhone instead.


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3 responses to “Bag-onomics

  1. mrsdubai

    July 6, 2011 at 16:40

    Oooh, a girl after my own heart. I love Coach: stylish and luxurious without the Hermes price tag. Have you also discovered Cole Haan?
    Agree totally re the fakes, BTW. Complete waste of money. Why? Because you KNOW it’s a fake, you never want to carry it.
    If I really fancy a top-end bag, I look on – preloved bags, guaranteed to be genuine, often in top condition. Give it a try…!

    • Ekta

      July 6, 2011 at 19:02

      Yay! Glad you agree. I can see the lure of fakes, especially well made ones, but it’s better to stick with brands you can afford. And thanks for the tips, will check out Cole Haan and!


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