WTForever 21

19 Jun

It seems like everyone is a blogger these days.  There are weird blogs, boring blogs, funny blogs, entertaining blogs and then those WTF? blogs as well.  One of those blogs that goes in the entertaining/WTF categories is

If you are a female between the ages of 15-30, chances are you have at least one piece of clothing from Forever 21.  They have a wide range of clothing and it’s easy to come back with one new item (or more likely 5-6 new items) from every store visit.  But along with the cutesy outfits, you often come across these horrendous items which make you wonder who in their sane mind would actually buy that. documents those crazy outfits and blogger Rachel Kane uses her unique sense of humour to critque the outfits.  Check out a couple of the monstrosities she found:

Well turns out that the owners of Forever 21 didn’t quite appreciate her sense of humour and have threatened to sue the blogger.  Thankfully the lawsuit has caught the attention of the media and you can see coverage by Perez Hilton and Time.  Rachel is staying strong and refusing to take down her website.

In recent times we have seen more and more bloggers become the targets of lawsuits.  I think Rachel’s website is fabulous and you can see that she actually likes Forever 21 and is just providing a unique and entertaining spin to some of their available selections. So add to your RSS reader, donate to her legal aid campaign, and let’s hope Forever 21 drops this lawsuit soon.

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