Celebs Get it Wrong Too – Sonam Kapoor

27 May

We all have bad hair days, when our outfits don’t seem to be right or something else is off. But should celebrities get that same excuse? Considering they have a panel of makeup artists, fashion designers, stylists at their beck and call, seeing a celebrity look less than impeccable is unacceptable by us.  So let’s take a look at the latest fashion offender: Sonam Kapoor.

For those who don’t know, Sonam Kapoor is a Bollywood actress crowned the “fashionista” of Bollywood. I think she is a little overrated in this sense but I agree she has a more modern taste compared to most Bollywood actresses.  This year she was spotted at Cannes and this is what she wore to the Chopard bash:

For a tall, skinny girl, I have no idea why she picked this glorified sack from The Row.  Uma Thurman also went with the white combo and turned out rather fabulously.

If I were to let go of the dress, I can’t beleive the mess of makeup and hair she has going.

Sonam is the “young” face of L’Oréal India so shouldn’t they be able to do something about her dark circles? And considering L’Oréal Elnett hairspray is the industry’s standard, why all the frizz? Perhaps Aishwarya Rai can share some of the defrizzing shampoo with Sonam!

Sonam’s other major outfit for Cannes was a Jean Paul Gaultier couture dress. While I love the edginess and cut, something about the derriere doesn’t sit right with me. And again, what’s going on with the heavy layers of eye makeup. It’s summer; go natural!

All being said, no hate for Sonam. We know she’s a gorgeous girl (as verified in person) and hopefully she’ll be back to her gorgeous self as seen on the Elle India cover.

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One response to “Celebs Get it Wrong Too – Sonam Kapoor

  1. Siddhilicious

    May 28, 2011 at 17:53

    OMG! Utterly dissapointed in Sonam…the girl has immaculate taste when it comes to her wardrobe and accessories. What the hell was she thinking when she chose the aptly termed ‘white sack’? 2 words – poster girl. That’s all she is….


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