Steal-a-Style: Pippa Middleton’s Knomo

26 May

Post-royal wedding, the tabloids have all been about one person: Pippa Middleton. Yes, the younger sister of Princess Kate has become the darling of the presses. Anything she wears, carries, does becomes the next big thing.  So check out Miss Middleton’s London look:

While we adore Pippa’s outfit, we can’t help but approve her great choice in accessories, specifically her sleek laptop bag which we believe to be a Knomo.  As a matter of fact, we picked up our Knomo bag a few months ago as a stylish carrier to match our sleek new MacBook Pro:

We love Knomo for their simple quilted pattern and large range of designs and colors. We settled on a silver Knomo Slim with a gorgeous purple lining and picked up on sale for 25 GBP!  If you approve of Kate and our choices, head over to the online Knomo store or iStyle stores in Dubai.

And because any Pippa Midleton post is incomplete without this reference, we leave you with her gorgeous derriere.

P.S. Shout-out to Ms. AH for noticing Pippa’s Knomo. Thanks for the tip!

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