I’m LUSHing it!

14 May

Call it Indian Mum’s influence or living in LA for 4 years, but I’m an absolute sucker for anything natural or organic.  So it isn’t surprising that one of my favorite stores is LUSH!

One of the best things about Lush (especially the Mercato Mall, Dubai) is the helpfulness of the store attendants. They will gladly assist you or let you explore on your own. Also I’ve never walked out of there without a few samples. As a matter of fact, most of my purchases have been thanks to an amazing sample recommendation I took home. Their most popular product are the deliciously scented bath bombs. However don’t let the strong scents scare you, as Lush has a great range of products.

1. R&B – Hair Moisturizer

That isn’t a typo because there is such a thing as a hair moisturizer.  This is a godsend for us girls (and even guys) with wavy, curly and rebellious hair. On days that you might require some extra control, it tames fly aways and helps makes styling much easier. It also has ingredients like oat milk, avocado butter, orange blossom and jojoba oil which are nourishing and smell amazing.

2. Tea Tree Water

I’ve mentioned the benefits of Tea Tree Oil before and I absolutely love this toner from Lush. It’s great for combination skin and helps regulate the oily T-zone problem.

3. Shangri-La Moisturizer

I asked the ladies at Mercato for a thick night cream and they recommended this. Admittedly, it’s an anti-ageing cream, but it’s so stupendously rich, that a few dots of this works brilliantly at night and protects you from the over-drying effects of the AC. It has a rich mixture of coconut and almond oil without being greasy.

4. Mint Julip Lip Scrub

Dubai has an obsession for collagen-filled lips with even the ladies at Saks pushing their lip-plumping glosses. While I appreciate the bee-stung look, I think natural is better. The lip scrub is great for exfoliating your lips and brings a natural plumpness to your lips. It’s also a delicious product that you can’t help but lick your lips.

5. Angels on Bare Skin Exfoliator

This was another discovery via sample. I’m a big fan of apricot/walnut scrubs from St. Ives or Himalaya Herbals and Angels has the same consistency. It’s a little messy to apply but it absolutely works magic on your skin. I just picked up my full-sized jar.

Dubai Lush lovers have some good news because it seems like they’ve recently changed franchise owners. For years, the only Lush shop was in Dubai City Center. However, they’ve recently opened up in Mercato and will soon be opening in Dubai Mall giving everyone an easier way to look Lush!

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2 responses to “I’m LUSHing it!

  1. Myriam

    May 14, 2011 at 22:19

    A lot of my friends use Lush products but I am very careful of what I use on my skin…you mentioned samples- do they just give them out or do they do some sort of skin consultation and then give what’s appropriate?

    • dollz87

      May 14, 2011 at 22:22

      Hi Myriam,
      I suggest describing what issue you have so they can recommend a product. However, if you want a proper skin consult, I suggest visiting a dermatologist.


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