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10 May

For the chic geeks, Vogue has launched the ultimate tool: Voguepedia.

Essentially a dedicated Wikipedia for all things fashion related, this should keep all fashionistas busy for some time. You can also register on Voguepedia to comment on articles.

I started by Vogue-ing my favorite fashionista, Gossip Girl’s Blair, Leighton Meester. Unfortunately, I came up with no specific entries for her. I then moved onto her favorite frenemy, Serena, i.e. Blake Lively. Sure enough we came up with an entry for her:

Compared to Wikipedia, Voguepedia has more Vogue-centric facts, i.e. number of Vogue covers, fashion campaigns, etc. Hence Blake Lively gets preferential treatment over Leighton Meester.

I then decided to check out the ultimate Vogue cover girl:

And there you go, Voguepedia fun fact of the week: Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere were married! I didn’t know that, did you?

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