Jennifer Lopez’s Love & Glamour

02 May

Jennifer Lopez is everywhere these days!  I was hesitant when they announced her to be the new judge of American Idol, but I have to admit she’s been doing an amazing job this season.  I’ll confess that one of the reasons I enjoy watching American Idol more this season is to see J.Lo’s fashion and makeup choices.  I absolutely love how much she varies her hair and makeup and can bounce from sexy to cute in an instant.

J.Lo’s a great businesswoman and has timed the release of her new single with American Idol.  While it may be fairly inspired by the Lambada, “On the Floor” gets me in the dancing mode every time I listen to it.

So TV appearance-check. Hot new single-check. New signature product-check.

Sephora Dubai has just launched J.Lo’s new signature fragrance, Love & Glamour.  The first thing I thought when I saw this product was how the bottle was a perfect embodiment for J.Lo. The scent is floral with a hint of musk and hence perfect for Dubai summer evenings. So if you want a bit more of J.Lo in your life, head over to Sephora and check it out!

Disclaimer: This press release was sent to us by Sephora PR. The product hasn’t been tested/reviewed by us yet.

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