The Brunch Crowd

07 Mar

We all know there is breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, from time to time we have brunch.  And what is there not to love about brunch? You get all the delicious breakfast foods without having to wake up early. And for some reason you feel less guilty for stuffing yourself silly at brunch.

But brunch in Dubai is different. I mean it can be one of those glorious affairs with that delicious omelet station and dessert bar (Kaleidoscope at Atlantis easily rivals breakfast brunches in Las Vegas).  Generally, invitations for brunches in Dubai are a euphemism for eating and mostly drinking yourself silly followed by needing your friends to support your walk out of the restaurant.

This Friday I went to the Al Habtoor Grand in Dubai Marina to celebrate a friend’s birthday at The Grand Grill Steakhouse.  We had a gorgeous table on the patio with the weather being a perfect accompaniment.  As soon as I sat down, the waiter asked me for my drink choice and I was happily sipping on some pink bubbly. My thoughts from the restaurant were:

– Service – Our waiter Frances always ensured our glasses were full and the we were well fed.
– Ambience – the outdoor patio is great for a party and the choice of 80s music was great for a lazy Friday afternoon. There is also a small dance floor that helps you burn off calories.
– Food – If you are a meat eater, the selection of steak, ribs, lamb chops and chicken legs are great. All of the meat is succulently flavored and perfect with a beer to wash down.
– Price – At Dh. 295 per head (including alcoholic drinks) it is a bargain compared to brunches at Al Qasr or Yalumba that go at Dh. 495 per head.

– Food – The vegetarian fare is limited and the side accompaniments are limited
– Food again – My biggest pet peeve was the lack of dessert options.  The only dessert available was a Malva Pudding with Ice-cream and I’m of the school of thought that if there is no chocolate, it’s not a dessert!

Dubai has a lot of brunch options but one thing that doesn’t change is how the crowd degenerates over time.  Initially, all the diners are looking cheery but the crowd degenerates fast when drinking beer/wine like water.  As I was heading out, I noticed one diner having to be escorted by one of the janitors to a taxi. Unfortunately, he was part of the majority and not the minority.

Nevertheless, the Dubai brunch experience is a must-do for all; whether it’s enjoying the food or watching adults act like teenagers.  So go on and enjoy one yourself and get ready for a hangover before you go to sleep for a change.

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One response to “The Brunch Crowd

  1. Seher

    March 7, 2011 at 21:52

    There has to be a chocolate option for dessert to count!


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