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05 Mar

If you are an Indian mother with a 20-something unmarried daughter, all you are thinking about is how to get your daughter married off.  Unfortunately, my Mum belongs into this category. I have held firm with her that marriage is definitely not on the cards for 5 years or so. However, in order to pass the time she insists on “grooming” me for the impending D-day.  When she’s not coaxing me to cook in the kitchen, she is advising me of concoctions to whip up and apply to my hair and face.  And as weird as putting items from your refrigerator onto your hair may seem, it really works! So here are a few tips from my mother to you:

Oil your hair once a week
This is very important if you tend to heat style your hair often as over-styling can lead to split ends.  Whip up a mix of 2 parts almond, 2 parts coconut, and 1 part castor oil into a bottle. If you have time, heat it up before oiling otherwise use as is.  Massage into your hair focusing on the scalp and the ends. It will be most effective if you leave it in for up to 2 hours prior to shampooing. It will slowly reverse the damage and leave you with shiny, healthy hair.

Yogurt + Honey Mask
Make a mixture of 5 parts yogurt (the unsweetened, plain kind) and 1 part honey and mix together well. Apply thoroughly into your scalp and lengths of the hair and onto your face as a mask.  Let the treatment dry off (about 30 minutes) and then rinse off with a mild shampoo.  Yogurt is a natural moisturizer and you’ll end up needing much less conditioner. Honey is a natural antiseptic and will instantly clear up your complexion. If you need some extra TLC, add some lemon juice as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Tea Tree Oil Rinse
The desalinated water available in Dubai can be quite harsh on your hair so it’s always good to end your shampoo with a final rinse of clean water. Take 2 parts of filtered water (i.e.drinking water) and 1 part of apple cider vinegar and add 5 drops of tea tree oil.  Use this in your final rinse making sure you don’t let any tap water touch your hair or scalp. This rinse helps in regulating oil production in your scalp and protects from the harshness of tap water.

While salon treatments may show results immediately, there is a chance they can have long-lasting negative effects. Herbal treatments remove this risk however they are time-consuming and require regular usage. Don’t expect magical results from the first try but with regular usage, they will definitely work.  I also recommend picking up a hair dye brush to make this easier.

And don’t forget about the best part of herbal treatments, you can eat as you get pretty!

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