Lust: Balmain Brocade Jacket

19 Feb

From the content of this blog it shouldn’t be surprising that one of my favorite shows to watch is the CW’s Gossip Girl.  If you just arrived on planet Earth, you might want to check out this somewhat superficial show filled with beautiful people living the privileged life in New York City, while wearing gorgeous clothing. Oh the clothing.  Each episode of the show has me lusting after something worn by Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen (I really wish I had such glamorous sounding names!), played by Leighton Meester and Blake Lively respectively.

This week’s Valentine’s episode (S04E15) opened with Blair wearing this gorgeous gold jacket:

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A few Google searches later I found out this is a Balmain double-breasted metallic brocade jacket retailing at $3,875, and is quite possibly out of stock at all retailers thanks to being featured on this week’s Gossip Girl.  If gold isn’t your color, there are quite a few other variations of this and Balmain do a great job in cutting women’s jackets.

Now this might be a little more expensive than what your budget may allow, but this Elie Tahari jacket from Bloomingdales might be a decent dupe for it.  In general, whenever I’m lusting after a designer outfit that is out of my budget, I head over to  They have a visual shopping comparison facility that is a retail aggregator; it’s a more comfortable way of browsing through the racks at Macy’s!

Also, if you are a Gossip Girl fan like me, head over to for a weekly breakdown of their fashion choices.

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