Valentine’s Day Haters

14 Feb

I know I’ve OD-ed on Valentine’s Day posts but I really have to get this off my chest and hopefully there will be no more VDay posts until 2012.

It seems like hating on Valentine’s Day has become the new “in” thing to do. Sure you might not be a fan but do you need to go out of your way to lambast those who enjoy the day? Or even worse, be an attention whore by disconnecting yourself (by phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and hoping people notice? Seriously, grow up!

The justifications used by Valentine’s Day haters include:

  • it’s a Hallmark holiday encouraging unnecessary spending
  • it makes single people feel left out
  • it puts unnecessary pressure on those in relationships
  • PDA is disgusting

And the best reason, “I don’t need a single day to show someone I love them. I love them everyday.”

I don’t object to the first set of justifications but I seriously disagree with the above. In today’s times there is one thing we all crave more of – not money or sex, but time. Time to fulfill our goals, time to enjoy life’s luxuries, time for our loved ones.

Unless you really are a loner, you probably have a lot of people you love but aren’t able to give the required amount of time. This is where birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc become an important part of our society. These celebration days remind you to thank your loved ones and to not take them for granted. And thanks to the explosion of marketing gimmicks, it should be easier to find a way to demonstrate your love.

So what’s the problem in designating a specific day to love? If you demonstrate your love everyday, good for you and you can act the same as yesterday/tomorrow. If you tend to slack off, then go buy your girlfriend/boyfriend (or even mom/dad, sister/brother, or friend) some flowers/chocolates today. I promise they won’t say no to any of your “frivolous” gestures.

And if you are a graphical learner, I think Oatmeal explains my point perfectly.

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