Being a Foodie

07 Feb

Fact: I love Food.

No matter how much my trainer tries to convince me otherwise, I have and will always love food. I might slave away at the gym six times a week but it’s to let me come home and enjoy my mum’s delicious, calorie-laden Indian food.  Those of you who are the eat-to-live type, there will be more posts about food in the future so you might as well stop reading this blog now.

Dubai is a fairly routine city. Routine in the sense that evenings out tend to revolve around food, alcohol or shopping, which is probably due to fact the weather limits us to indoor activities about 6 out of the 12 months. A typical Dubai night out almost always  involves a lengthy meal at one of Dubai’s numerous restaurants.  Unfortunately, due to the pretentious nature of a lot of Dubai residents, these meals tend to be at places that can put a serious dent in your paycheck.

That being said, due to the diverse economic range of people here, this is a great place to find cheap and delicious food.  So this post rounds up my favorite unpretentious and delicious food joints in Dubai:

1. Al Safadi – Arabic – Sheikh Zayed Road

By far the best shawarma’s in Dubai. 7 dirhams may not be the cheapest in Dubai but the service, ambiance and location make up for it. Also worth trying is the fresh cocktail juice made up of fresh mango, guava, strawberry and avocado.

2. Reem – Arabic – Sheikh Zayed Road/Jumeirah

Free wi-fi and the best shisha in Dubai – what more do you need? The food may seem pricey but the main dishes can easily be split between two people. Also the service is always topnotch.

3. Bombay Chowpatty – Indian – Multiple locations

Throwback to the Mumbaiya street food. Chow down on a couple of plates of chaat and finish off with a heavenly falooda and you’ll still have plenty of change left over. Special mention of the masala chai which is of the perfect strength and sweetness.

4. Sindh Punjab – Indian – Karama/Bur Dubai

One of the few places that has an actual outdoor tandoor going. The seekh kababs and chicken tikka have been filling up resident’s stomachs for over 40 years. I also believe the pani puri to be the best in Dubai.

5. Al Reef – Lebanese – Multiple locations

This isn’t a restaurant but more of  a bakery. Nevertheless no person (or 4-legged furry friend) in Dubai should go without a taste of their cheese or zaatar manakeesh.  The baklava is also amazing and makes a good dessert to take to a dinner party.

Fellow Dubai residents, I’m sure I’m missing some other good finds so comment it up!


Posted by on February 7, 2011 in Commentary, Dubai Diaries


2 responses to “Being a Foodie

  1. Seher

    February 7, 2011 at 21:07

    I love Reef and Reem!

  2. Sami Saayer

    June 20, 2011 at 00:21

    emly chilly near lamcy for its bun kababs?


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