Happy New Year’s 2011!

31 Dec

The world has started transitioning into 2011 and we have less than an hour to go before Dubai celebrates that moment.

This year I went back and forth between deciding how to celebrate NYE.  As the night came close, I was left with a couple of choices. The first one was attending the trendy party with friends usually involving an overpriced ticket, stressing about what to wear, and indulging in a lot of drinks. The second option was to enjoy a quiet night in and dinner with the family. After having done both in the past, I settled on staying in for this NYE.

When I told people I’m not planning on doing a crazy night out, most people couldn’t fathom why I would do something so “boring” on the “biggest party night” of the year.  People automatically assume you are depressed or couldn’t find people to accompany you for NYE.

Neither of these reasons is why I’m staying in tonight. Generally NYE is the highlight of the winter season but I’ve had a pretty busy month already with plenty of night outs and a busier than normal work schedule. And it just so happens that I’m more excited for a few things coming up in January rather than the 31st of December.  So I’m going to take this night and cross off some to-dos on my list and enjoy the evening with my parents.

To those of you enjoying the night out, have a ton of fun and enjoy to the fullest. To those of you staying in for a quiet evening, I hope you have an enjoyable evening too. All I can say is that whatever you plan on doing tonight, do it for yourself and not to fulfill some societal requirement. Remember, it’s  not the dates but the moments that count.

Happy New Year and may 2011 bring a lot of prosperity to you and your loved ones!

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