The Origins of the Shahid Obsession

07 May

If you are going to be a regular reader of this blog, the name Shahid Kapoor will pop up fairly often.  Thus, to acquaint you the world of my Shahid obsession, here is a  quick primer.

He's a vision in a Prada suit!

Shahid Kapoor is a one of Bollywood’s actors who has that perfect combination of the cuteness of a boy and the sexiness of a man. Add to that an amazing physique, unbeatable dance skills and a smile that melts your heart, it isn’t suprising that he has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Indian girls and women.

I *discovered* Shahid sometime around before Jab We Met released.  Prior to that, he was another Bollywood hero who I appreciated (especially from Fida), but who didn’t have the X-factor to capture my heart.  I had even dragged all my friends to see Vivah, but the slow tempo and regressive storyline didn’t exactly click for us.  And then came Jab We MetJab We Met is one of the reasons why Bollywood is so great: we do the best romantic movies. It’s an indisputable fact. This romance was fresh and sprinkled with a generous dose of catchy and soulful music.  Kareena and Shahid’s chemistry made everyone set out to look for their Geet and Aditya (the names of their characters respectively).

And from then began the Shahid mania.  First steps were watching his older movies and then playing is music videos on YouTube on repeat.  At any given time, the beats of “Mauja Hi Mauja” could be heard from my dorm room.  It wasn’t long before I extended my obsession to my friends, not limited to those of Indian origins.  One of my best friends, Alex, joined in on the Shahid obsession and many nights were spent watching his videos instead of working on homework sets due the next day.

I am now more than 3 years into being obsessed with Shahid and have seen the majority of films, multiple times, good or bad.  My dad knows of this and dutifully takes me to see his each release in the cinema.  My father continues to indulge me in Shahid movies similarly to buying me teddy bears when I was a kid.  We are joined at the cinemas along with groups of giggling girls or husbands/boyfriends who have been dragged to see his latest release by their better halves.

Obviously I follow Shahid on Twitter but have been unlucky so far in obtaining a direct response from him.  But fortunately for him, his lack of attention won’t stop me from seeing his future movies.  I’ve seen his latest release, Badmaash Company, but the full review shall be coming in due time.

And to Shahid, if you happen to stumble upon my post. I adore you and wish you lots of luck in the future. I hope millions of other women and gay men fall in love with your charm.  Just remember, there is a devoted fan of yours who lives in Dubai.


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4 responses to “The Origins of the Shahid Obsession

  1. chet

    May 9, 2010 at 00:39

    u r a nut

  2. g

    December 14, 2010 at 04:23

    gotta love your last paragraph!


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