Too much plastic?

05 May

Before you read further, take a minute and go find your wallet/purse, i.e. whatever you use to store your cash and credit cards.  Yes, get up…I’m waiting!

Ok, now pull out everything and sort.  Yes, this isn’t just a organization exercise but a survey.  When I opened up my little Coach wristlet earlier today, it was to throw out a month of old receipts.  If you are finicky like me, you place your cash bills together and your credit cards together.  It was at that moment I noticed how much plastic I was carrying around with me.  Even though my cash balance was limited to 35 dirhams, my wallet was overflowing with plastic.

Too much plastic?

On a closer look, the breakdown is 6 bank cards, 6 ID cards and another pile of coupons, cards, and vouchers.  Now I’m not a simpleton, but I’m not extremely important either.  The fact that I have 12 different plastic cards before the age of 23 puzzles me.  Do I really need all this on a daily basis? The answers is of course not.  So today I am cutting down to the bare minimums.  I’m down to the essentials: debit card, credit card, building access ID, US and UAE drivers’ licenses, and my gym card.  I even went ahead and got rid of all those loyalty and business cards I never need.  Even though my wallet is only a few millimeters thinner and few grams lighter, life feels a lot less complicated.  I might even have room for photos of the family in there.

So, what did you find and what did you trash?

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Posted by on May 5, 2010 in Today's Change


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